Odyssey BMX has, in the recent BMX times, has become the dominant force in the industry. If you want forks or bars, it is rare that you will choose another brand. They have provided some of the best products in BMX. However, they did not shine in the Freecoaster part. It originally had issues with the materials that were used (so drivers would shear in half), but those were fixed in the second series of the hub. They are reliable, and really the only street Freecoaster (KHE is set to unseat them) in terms of strength. It’s downfall really comes from it’s feel. The two spring system (the same as the Haro Turbine) really feel rough. Also, Odyssey has announced it is ceasing production of the Reloader. This is probably because the new KHE taking a large market share, and the upcoming G-sport (who is part of the Odyssey family) coaster

  • Strong
  • Can be very reliable
  • Needs high resistance
  • Rough
  • 10t
  • 27 oz.
  • 48h or 36h
  • 14 mm

Odyssey reloader bmx freecoaster hub

Odyssey reloader freecoaster hub diagram

Here is the Original Hazard Freecoaster

Odyssey Hazard freecoaster hub

Odyssey Hazard bmx freecoaster hub

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