Aaron Ross – Bakery freecoaster edit

When did Aaron Ross switch over to a freecoaster?

I wonder if he’s on a prototype Odyssey Freecoaster?


West Windsor Skatepark – Sean Ricany & Nick Verdoni Session

Sean Ricany has made the switch to a freecoaster and is killing it at some pre-fab park with a friend. The recent boom of pros on freecoasters keeps on getting bigger and bigger!


Primo Freemix Freecoaster


The Merged just dropped some info on Primo’s new freecoaster. Head that way to learn more.

Colony – Bruno Faucon Edit

Bruno Faucon is a pretty recent convert to the freecoaster life, but it seems that he’s taken to it quickly. So dialed.


The Daily Grind – Troy Merkle DVD Part

Long time freecoaster Troy Merkle put down quite a masterpiece for what might be the streetest brand out right now, The Daily Grind.

TCU – Gabe Brooks is Selling Swag

If only Gabe could sell some of his freecoaster swag, I’m sure there would be a long line waiting to buy it.

Cult – Lindsay Hale 01

Lindsay Hale might be the first female rider I’ve seen rocking a freecoaster. Here she is in Austin doing it for Cult. Get it girl!


Follower Edit

Just got this edit sent to my email from some guys in Luxembourg and absolutely love the last clip in this thing.

Old Josh Alderete edit

I love how quick and poppy this kids spins are.

Hey European Friends!

The Ezra coaster is now available through bmxer.de

You can buy it here!


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